Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cross Stitch: Bienvenue a la maison

My latest finish (rubbish photos):

The Details
Pattern:  Bienvenue a la maison, from this book. Slight changes charted by me.
Thread: DMC as charted
Fabric: 28 Count Permin Linen - Natural

Stitched February-June 2015. Gift for S&R's wedding.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cross Stitch: Mothers day card

The Details
Pattern: Free kit from World of Cross Stitching magazine. Lettering charted by me.
Thread and fabric as supplied in kit.
Card finish.
Card blank from Hobbycraft, ribbon repurposed from magazine kit.

Stitced and finished February 2015

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Quilting: Royal Squares

Time for a change of pace around here. I've found myself gradually moving away from blogging - life changes. But this will still be a place to document my crafty life. Expect sporadic posts with little detail! (as if that wasn't the case already).

Today, a quilt!


The Details
Pattern: Royal Squares (free here)
Front fabric: Notting Hill, by Joel Dewberry + white
Back fabric: Notting Hill leftovers + Amy Butler + can't remember
Binding: scrappy, Notting Hill leftovers
Quilted: straight line quilting done on home machine by me
Thread: Guterman, variegated blues

Started 2012 or 2013? Finished June 2015.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Crochet: A Weeping Angel

One of my good friends is a total Whovian and I've been thinking for a while that I needed to do some Dr Who themed projects for her. This was started in November with the intention of a Christmas gift but ended up being finished in January, just in time for her February birthday.

I think this is definitely the cutest Weeping Angel I've ever seen! She turned out pretty adorable and it was a surprisingly hard thing to let her go off her mantelpiece! She stands unaided thanks to a well placed disc of cardboard at the base of the body.

I'm chuffed with the success of my second ever amigurumi project, especially the shaping and attaching the pieces together, which I think I'm starting to get better at with practice. I feel like I need more people in my life I can make 'toys' for!

Don't Blink!
The Details
Pattern: Weeping Angel, by Irene McCormick (free on Ravelry), crocheted as charted
Yarn: Paton's Diploma Gold DK in Charcoal
Hook: 3.5mm

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Tiniest Fox in the World

It was the birthday of a friend this weekend. Unfortunately it had been a busy week, which combined with illness meant opportunities for present buying were limited. Good thing I have boxes and boxes of crafty supplies at home right?!

May I introduce, the tiniest fox in the world. . . (or so I'm claiming)

Embroidery scissors for scale

I knew I had some keyring blanks lying around that would make a perfect small gift if I could find a pattern I liked small enough to fit in one. That proved a tougher challenge than I first thought. . .  which may have been a good thing.

There was just nothing small enough! Solution? Stitching over one thread on 28ct fabric. Much better! (and to be honest, easier than I had been led to believe. I was thankful for my daylight lamp though). As for a pattern. Well, for the first time in my cross stitching life I ended up pretty much making it up as I went along. Which went surprisingly well and is definitely something I'll be trying again.

A couple of hours of stitching while watching TV, a scrap of fusible interfacing and some green felt later, this little guy was all done.

The Details
Pattern: I winged it, with inspiration from this photo on Pinterest for the shape and a bit of guidance from this free pattern (unfortunately no longer available, I have the magazine it originally appeared in) as to actual stitching
Fabric: Scrap misc. 28 ct
Thread: Misc kit leftovers in stash
Finishing: Keyring blank with felt backing

Here's hoping he's well received! To be honest I'm very tempted to keep him for myself. Good thing I still have a few keyring blanks to spare!