Monday, August 30, 2010

A (less wordy) second beginning!

I figure that after that introduction I should actually start this blog "proper like" and add a little bit of my work. 
So my most recently completed project. . .actually kind of, but I haven't taken a photo of my most recent one yet so this will have to do. 

Rose Nosegay Lavender Sachet, by Textile Heritage of Scotland. 
Stitched on 16 count white aida band with blue border, using thread supplied.

I've had this kit around for a while, but a mishap with superglue when I started it originally destroyed the aida (which was pink). It took me a very long time to find a suitable replacement, until I recently found a metre of this stuff for $6 in a sewing shop clearance bin. I thought it stitched up wonderfully, I love Textile Heritage of Scotland designs - simple but very effective! 
It's finished as a lavender sachet by simply looping the aida together and running stitch up the sides. The ribbon is pulled through the aida from the inside at the back. Inside there's a small lavender bag I made up by hand just from a scrap of fabric, so the dried flower won't stain the aida. A quick project, but quite lovely - it's found a new home as a going away gift with my boyfriends sister as she goes to university

Now for my current WIP (work in progress) just to show that I am working on something. . . 


This is a 5" x7" kitchen scene design, I've just about finished the cross-stitch and soon to move onto the backstitch and dreaded french knots. At this stage I'm thinking about finishing it as a wall hanging. 

Thats all for now :) 

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