Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sewing Machine. . .meet Sarah

Here we are, with my newest actually finished project. I decided to reaquaint myself with the sewing machine while visiting my parents and this was the result; a simple square pincushion. It took me all of half an hour and even though some of the sewing is kind of wonky, I think it turned out pretty snazzy. The instructions I used are here.

Although the method's designed for use with old hankerchiefs, I used just a square piece of fabric from a pair of old pyjamas, a couple of old buttons and some replumped stuffing from a cushion inner that had seen better days. So best of all it was completely free! I even found some matching pins. 

Lots of progress still to be made, but as far as brushing up on the sewing machine goes I don't think it's such a bad start!


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