Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Crafty Day Out


So the highlight of my weekend was attending the New Zealand Craft and Quilt Fair. A lot of quilting stuff and I mean A LOT, makes me wish I had the time and patience to learn how to quilt. Although it's on my list of crafty skills to have under my belt eventually and my man has told me multiple times he'd like me to make him a quilt one day, it's a fair way down the list for now. Good thing there were plenty of other bits and pieces at the fair to keep myself and mum (who also isn't a quilter) occupied. There was enough beautiful cross stitch kits to make me wish I'd win lotto even though I don't buy tickets. Here's a photo of one of the display walls; you should hopefully be able to click and enlarge it so you can see how beautiful they really are!

 Apologies for the photo quality. It was hard to get good pictures, the place was very crowded with lots of people to bump me while I was taking a photo or walk in front of the camera. One of my favourite things at the show was all the toy patterns. I particularly love patterns by the designer "Melly and Me" and would love to do a couple one day! But with children of my own a wee way off yet and no other young ones who would appreciate the gesture immediately springing to mind it might have to wait for a while. 

All in all the fair was very inspiring! I didn't buy anything myself, but my mum picked me up a Christmas present at my request. Although I won't actually get my hands on it for another couple of months yet I'm very much looking forward to trying out some of the patterns in it! They really are stunning and the cover statement is true; "for every occasion."

Love love love it. After the fair we went for lunch and a bit of shopping. My only pick-up was this great knit hat. I admit I had to be convinced into it a little, as I figured that with luck soon enough I'll be able to knit something similar myself. There are plenty of similar looking patterns online, like this one at Aesthetic Nest. Crochet is definitely on my list of things to learn!

Hows that for a photo smorgasbord! All in all a fantastic day. I would give an update on the poppies, but honestly there hasn't been an awful lot of progress since my last photo. It might have to wait until later in the week! I'm the type that has to have something in the background while stitching and I've run out of suitable TV programmes to have buzzing away. Oh well no doubt something will turn up. 

Thank you for all your wonderful feedback through email! Nice to know someone reads this thing.


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