Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kitchen Stitchin'

I put the last few stitches into this piece this morning and although it probably won't be 'finished' for a while (as I have other projects on my mind, more on that coming soon) it's looking pretty good! I love the colours and the design looks far more detailed and complex than it actually was to stitch. I have the perfect fabric for finishing it. . .in my head, I admit I haven't got hold of it yet. For now it will be stored safely until I have the time and inclination to make it into the wall hanging I have it pictured as. I also have to either get hold of or make a decorative wooden dowel hanger, I haven't yet been able to find a stockist in New Zealand - online or in a store. I'm sure it will sort itself out eventually! 

 "Complaints," by Joan Elliot (Design Works Craft).
Stitched with aida and threads supplied.

In other news a major 7.1 earthquake hit Christchurch (the city I live in) yesterday so with an extra week off university and having temporarily gone home to my parents for drinkable water/to escape the aftershocks, I expect I'll be using up a bit of my free time with crafty things! 


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