Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Creative Space

As my last few posts have been dominated by the project I'm currently working on I thought that this week I'd showcase my actual creative space. . .where my craftyness gets stored! I'm a full time student living with 5 others that have less of a crafting capacity than I do and more of an average student activity capacity (I'll leave those activities up to the imagination). Shared space is ruled out for storing things I don't want lost or broken. So I'm limited to a smallish double bedroom that holds the majority of my life, let alone craftyness. Nevertheless, here we go.

My beloved creative space, containing some leftover wool, a few crafty magazines, my fantastic big book of needlework that I picked up at a used-booksale for $4, a filefolder filled with patterns and various paper bags containing kits, fabric, beads and the like. Oh and a lovely and very decorative pincushion that I made earlier in the year. It's small and shares with my DVD's/CD's and a couple of travel guides to Budapest, but for now it's what I have. Got to love it. 

(I admit I do dream of having a craftroom. One day. . .)

Apologies for the quality of the photo, I was in a bit of a hurry. Off to windy Wellington this weekend for a much awaited conference so Poppies will be temporarily halted. That being said it's coming along, slowly but surely. 

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