Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Stash and a New Project!

Over the last few weeks I've been adding quite a bit to my small stash with the view of starting a new special project. I've picked up a few other bits and pieces as well along the way. As everything I need has now finally arrived it's time to show off everything new!! And let in on my new project. My mum's birthday is coming up and I'd been looking for a challenging (for me) pattern featuring poppies (for her) for quite some time. Unfortunately a majority of the ones I found were well outside of a student budget. I finally hit paydirt quite by accident - while I was rather ironically shopping for a father's day present, I spotted a copy of a cross stitch magazine that featured exactly the type of pattern I was looking for on the cover! Here's a preview of 'Poppy Summer' . . .

It's a lovely pattern and will be a new challenge for me for a couple of reasons. But before I elaborate on that, voila! The stash! 

Here we have
1. A tea-cup themed fat quarter of fabric I picked up after spotting it a few weeks ago, it should be perfect for 'finishing' my kitchen cross stitch.
2. A beautiful new cross stitch pattern, 'Tuscany' by John Clayton, a present from my parents after their recent overseas trip. Totally unexpected and totally beautiful! They were even thoughtful enough to pick up the aida and cotton I'll need to complete it one day. You can tell from the poppies that my mum picked it
3. A container of black seed beads for my 'Poppy Summer' project. This will be the first cross stitch I've ever done involving beading and I'm looking forward to it with slight trepidation
4. The packet of cottons I'll need for a 'Poppy Summer'
5. A swarth of 28 count Antique White evenweave Linen, also for a 'Poppy Summer.' This will be my first time stitching on Linen instead of aida. I've chosen the linen as each stitch is over two squares instead of one - meaning that for a design with lots of half stitches you don't have to split the fabric. It will also hopefully make the unstitched background more delicate looking. 
6. An offcut piece of 18 count aida I picked up for $3 from a store in town - bound to come in handy :)

So that is my wonderful new stash and I'm ready to make a start on 'Poppy Summer' over the next few days. In other news I went for a walk today and found the most brilliant wonderful crafty store only a few blocks from my home! I can't believe I've lived here almost a year and only just discovered it now!

Any readers out there might notice a few changes in the next wee while as I prepare for perhaps sharing this writing of mine with a few people that actually know who I am! The layout has already had a few changes and today I've added a project list to keep track of what's on my mind in the way of crafty things. It amazes me that I've had comments and even a follower already without even telling anyone this blog exists! If anyone's reading this, please know that your thoughts are very much appreciated. 


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