Saturday, September 25, 2010

Poppies in Progress 2

This will just be a short one, because really I haven't been doing much in the crafty line lately apart from continue to work on Poppies. I've been busy with assignments, finding somewhere to live for next year, a job for the summer and the like. Although I haven't actually made an awful lot of progress you can start to see the colours coming together, yay! It was my mum's birthday a few days ago now but I just gave her a card with a picture of my progress and a note to say it might be finished by my brother's birthday in a months time!

I'm wishing I had a sewing machine right about now. I'm taking a trip to Wellington next weekend for a conference and the dress code is business casual or higher. I don't own a clutch purse as I've never found one that I like, but I love this tutorial over at Noodlehead. But not only do I need a sewing machine, I need the time!

That's all for now

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