Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poppies in Progress

The poppies are in progress! Likelihood of finishing before my mother's birthday? Absolutely zilch. 12 days to go, have been working on it for 6 and have so far completed 1 and a half colours out of 19 + beadwork. Luckily mum knows about the project and is able to be forewarned that it is unlikely to be finished on time! Here's what I've done so far . . . 

It is starting to take shape. The linen was a bit of a challenge at first; I had to be especially careful with counting as it's stitched over two squares rather than one. I also found out quickly that linen doesn't take to stretching in a hoop as well as aida does, it pulls the squares out and you end up with rather large and obvious holes between stitches. Not what you want! But if I just bolt it in loosely it seems to be alright. I wasn't so sure about the colours at first, but now I've got more than one in I can see how they're going to come together. I do admit . . . I didn't start dead in the centre as one usually does, as it was smack bang in the middle of the beading and I'm putting that off until last!!!

What crafty things are on my mind at the moment? The craft fair I'm going to this weekend!! It's the biggest in Australasia, I may pick up a few bits and bobs, take a class or two and if nothing else enjoy looking around! 
I've also just discovered that my local library has a fantastic collection of craft books, and stocks two cross stitch magazines in its magazine section. My opinion of the Christchurch city libraries has just gone up by far! 

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