Friday, September 10, 2010

Something Different: Button Doll

I've had this kit in a drawer for literally around 10 years, but only once before had the urge to even open the packet. However I soon lost patience with the attempt and it took almost true desperation for me to look at it again; my last stitch piece finished and waiting for various pieces for my next one to arrive. So 60 buttons and a lot of glue later I came out with. . .

She's rather cute but honestly was extremely frustrating to make! Even following the instructions to a tee the legs and arms stuck out rather awkwardly and her dress didn't quite fit right. In the end I had to do a lot of chopping and pulling back together to make it work. I guess though that's to be expected from a kit that probably cost $3 from a chain store 10 years ago! Her lack of sturdiness was demonstrated quickly, as she was left on the bench where I took this photo overnight and by the morning had become a well-battered cats plaything in need of major repair. 
I think though rather than being repaired she may be disassembled, I can honestly think of far better uses for those buttons!!!! And I'm sure even the wooden body and head can find a home elsewhere. But she was a nice diversion from all the earthquake relatedness that has dominated my life lately! 

Good news! The last piece I need for starting my special project arrived today :) On the whole along with these pieces and a few other bits I've acquired lately my stash has increased quite a bit. So time to get started on a new project and thinking about some more. . .


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