Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Published!

First of all, yes this post means I'm back online :) No new part as yet, but I've managed to borrow one off someone until I can get hold of a new one for myself. 

In other exciting news, I'm published! Recently my club hosted the 2010 Unicycle National Championships (which were amazing) and I was tasked with writing an article in the lead up to the event for my university's weekly magazine "Canta." The magazine has a print run of around 20,000 copies. My article was published without even an editorial review beforehand, which I though was pretty cool, and I recieved lots of nice comments on it when it ran last week.

I have actually has my writing published several times before, including in quite a prestigous literary journal. However this is my first published piece of a journalistic bent, usually I stick to creative writing. For those of you that know me, please keep in mind that I was writing for a student audience who have very different values than I do!! In other words, I'm writing with a style I wouldn't normally use. 
Anyways with no more ado, here's both my article and the cover from the issue. 

The article should be readable if you click on it and then click again to zoom in :) 

That's all for now. An update on purling and a few other things I've been working on should be coming soon. 



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