Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Poppies in Progress 3

Just a quick note to say that Poppies is still coming along. I've just about finished the flowers. . onto the stems, background and a HUGE amount of backstitch. Nevertheless I'm at the stage where I'd rather not post a photo, as I know my mum reads here :) 
I expect I'll be showing off the final product sometime towards the end of next week, or early the week after. I think that overall it has probably taken just about the 60 hours that the pattern estimated, although for a majority of that time I was multi-tasking (watching the news and other TV, listening to course stuff and the like). But I've had many many compliments as I've been working, including some from my male flatmates who usually wouldn't have the heads turned by that sort of thing. 

So what's going to come next? Well I've been promising the man in my life a scarf for a wee while now, mainly because scarfs are currently all I'm capable of knitting and there's only so many I can make for myself. If I can find a nice wool then that's probably next on my list and will be my first stab at purling. I've also been thinking about a few small Christmas themed x-stitches and a go at self-framing for my brother's upcoming birthday. 

All in all, plenty in the works. 


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