Friday, October 29, 2010

Things I Like

It's both strange and nice how this blog is evolving. I'm having the urge to write about things other than crafting! Or at least little less obviously about crafting :P I might have to introduce a "things I like Friday" or something hehe. Never say never I suppose. 

In any case yesterday I went shopping with my lovely friend Becs as she looked for something in particular to add to her wardrobe. I didn't indulge myself at all but I have to say I LOVE this seasons style. Everything at the moment has quite a 50's feel with lots of floral prints and classic styling. Which is very very very me. It's fantastic, what's "in" never seems to reflect anything I would look good in - this time last year it was flourescents, which as I'm of quite fair complexion I have problems pulling off. 

Here's what I mean:

Candy Hard Case Wallet from Glassons
Karoline Dress in Antique Floral from Cotton On

Portia Button Floral Skirt from Cotton On
I tried on a couple of things just for fun, including the skirt just above. It was quite thin though and didn't have an underlayer, so kind of see through. Lots of these type of prints are coming through in fabric at the moment too though, so if I can find a nice pattern I might have a go at making a skirt for myself over the summer. We will see!! There you go. Vaguely related to crafting. I win!

That's all for now 


  1. Your blog is fun to read, so write whatever you want! A few of us are just a tiny bit older, and you make us feel younger, tee hee!

  2. Thanks CalamityJr, I'm glad I make you feel young!!!!!!!!!! hehe :P


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