Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Update on Life

Poppies is still coming along, although a little slower than I expected . . . more left than I thought, the backgrounds taking a bit of time and there's still the backstitch to go. Still pretty good though considering how busy I've been. I have one and a half weeks of my second year of university to go! I can't believe it's gone so quickly. In the last month or so not only have I been swamped in assignments, but trying to find a summer job, a flat and numerous other things. Most of which is now sorted. One assignment to go and a flatmate to find and my life will be (relatively) stress free. I have a new lovely flat with ironically what will be far more crafting space in a far smaller house, and I'm working for a big chain store in my hometown for the summer. 

I'll finish off with just some recent likes I thought I'd share:

4 good quality glass canisters I picked up for a song off a deal-a-day site. Might seem perfectly normal but to someone as limited in terms of kitchenware as I am they're pretty amazing and mean I will no longer spill things everywhere whenever I want a snack. Can't wait for them to arrive! 

Delish is a free online magazine for women I recently stumbled upon . . . . it's beautifully laid out and has articles that actually mean something instead of just celebrity gossip and fashion pages. I love it! You can find it at http://delishmag.com/ 

You may have noticed the wee bookshelf now down my sidebar. I love to read and having been keeping a reading record for nearly 3 years now. I've just switched to a new online record keeper, one that lets me put a widget on here. So now I can showcase what I'm reading as well as what I'm crafting!

One final like. My man is a plastics engineer in training and has just offered to make me embroidery hoops from scratch. How cool is that?! Cool that he can and cool that he would :P

That's all for now (but expect the finished poppies soon)



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  1. Hi Sarah,

    THANK YOU so much for the Delish love!! We're so pleased that you found us, and that you like what you see.

    Our Winter issue is coming out in early December, and there is going to be a whole bunch of great stuff! Also, our Spring/Summer premiere issue is now archived on our web site if you haven't seen it yet.

    Be sure to sign up for our newsletter as you'll get entries to our give-aways! December is the month we start to give out loads of presents - books, fabric, yarn, craft supplies, and even my home canning! (Just kidding about the canning...)


    Thanks again!

    Tamara Komuniecki
    Delish Magazine


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