Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm sure even the most occasional or constant of crafters have those moments where they just want to throw whatever they're working on against a wall and then maybe sit down and have a good cry. Welcome to my first such moment of this blog! In the last few days I've finished the main body of the scarf I've been knitting, and as it took far far far less wool than I had estimated, decided to start on a matching hat. Which just so happens to be the first time I've tried a rib pattern. Or a pattern at all actually.

Approximately half a row of this is mine. The rest is my dear mum fixing up my mistakes and then finishing the row for me so I can start afresh. Even the casting on is hers, although it wasn't originally. . .there's just a limit to the number of times I can cast on 98 stitches myself in one afternoon. I swear I made every mistake possible: I purled wrong constantly, I did the wrong number of stitches, I started the row from a knit stitch instead of a purl stitch and didn't notice until 98 stitches later. I had to tear out the whole thing and start again 3 times, and tear out at least a row another 4 times. My dad found the whole thing incredibly funny and spent an hour or two happily teasing me that even he could do a better job . .  mum had more patience, but in the end I just went to bed and decided to look at it again another day. Sometimes that's all you can do. 

Let's hope today's efforts are more successful,



  1. Oh Sarah how frustrating for you !I do hope today is much better for you .

  2. Hope it starts to get easier soon. I've had days like that too.

  3. Yay!for trying! Keep on going, you'll just laugh at it all one day.

  4. I know how you feel -- my gramma taught me to knit about 1965 - so the other day I thought I would take it up again! I wish my gramma was here to help me now that I am actually interested! Casting on, what a trial! But I will keep on trying - you have inspired me!


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