Saturday, November 20, 2010

Better than my last post :)

The knittings working now. I'm onto some more familiar stocking stitch before I start decreasing. . .another something new to add to the skill set :P 

I love being back at 'home.' I say it with quotation marks because it's only one home of many nowadays. There's home with mum and dad, home in Christchurch, home in France with my man. But for the moment I'm happy to be in this 'home.' 

I went to visit the man's grandparents last week. I love visiting them and do almost every time I come back to my hometown. I have no remaining grandparents of my own, so it means a lot to have a place with them. Both of my grandmother's were extremely crafty ladies and I will eternally regret not listening to what they had to teach me when I still had the opportunity. . .by the time I found my crafting bent it was too late.

As well as the pile of books I always seem to come away with hehe (much to my delight) I was also passed on a pile of 'Embroidery and Cross Stitch' magazines. It's Australian. . .I admit I don't like them as much as British equivelents (which have more patterns and less advertisements) but gorgeous and much appreciated nevertheless. 

I also got to visit an annual Arts and Crafts fair at a town nearby. I didn't indulge in much. . Mum got some flower bulbs and a Christmas present for my aunt - she also bought me this lovely necklace.

Isn't it pretty? It's the first thing I've chosen myself for years that can undoubtedly be called 'pink' hehehe. 
As it develops I'm realising this blog is moving further and further away from it's original design. . as it is in my mind anyway. I'm thinking about renaming/restyling. Thoughts anyone? 

That's all for now,


Actually that's not all for now. Thought I'd just mention that my recent post on how to frame your own embroidery work has been featured on the blog Totally Tutorials. Exciting!! 
 Totally Tutorials Blog 


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