Friday, November 12, 2010

Just Potting Around

University is over for the year, which means I've moved home for the summer to spend some time with my family and take up a summer job in my hometown! I've spent the last week settling myself in, finishing up uni stuff and making a room that I haven't spent more than a week in for 2 years now 'mine' again. It seems that summer has finally arrived permanantly at just the right time, so I've also been soaking up the sun! 

Earlier in the week I took 'clippings' (not really, I tried to get some root in there as well) off my mum's herb plants and repotted them. With any luck they'll take root again and I'll have 4 nice herb plants of my own to take back to university with me next year: rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano. 

It really has been very hot here this week and although they've had a good watering every second day, the sage is already showing signs that it won't go the distance. I anticipated this might be the case with some of them though, hence why I started the first attempt months before I head back to university. 

I couldn't resist taking some photos of mum's roses too. The garden looks beautiful at this time of year. 

Don't they look stunning? As I'm writing this I'm looking out my window with 9 or 10 of the roses forming a foreground for the setting sun. Ahhhhhhh. . . .

That's all for now,

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