Monday, November 29, 2010

A Summer Challenge

As mentioned in previous posts I read. . .a lot. . .I tear through fiction at lightning speeds. During the Uni year however I tend to leave non-fiction. I read so much of it for class anyway - course reading, project & essay reading, textbooks etc - that it's the last thing I want to spend my free time on. But university is now well over for the year, so I've set myself a challenge:

To read at least one non-fiction book for every fiction book

To keep myself accountable I'll probably mention briefly what I'm reading everytime I start something new at the end of my ordinary posts. Hopefully I'll manage to expand my mind a little and get through some of the list of 'non-fiction books I'd like to read but not right now' (I do actually keep a list)

So what am I starting with? My first fiction read of the summer is 

The 3rd in the 'Wilderness Series' it follows the lives of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Bonner and their descendants as they make their lives in colonial America. I enjoy historical epics in general and this series immensely so, although I wouldn't recommend it for immature audiences. Each book weighs in at 700-1000 pages, so they really are epics. 

And my first non-fiction? 

One of the ones lent to me by my man's grandparents. It's a popular history of Britain covering the World Wars and the period on either side. Even as a numptenth generation Kiwi I still feel a spiritual affinity to Britain, as would many other Pakeha (of European descent) New Zealanders, and I've always been interested in their history and politics. 

Can I survive the challenge? We'll find out. . as one friend pointed out to me it's perhaps an unfair quota as reading non-fiction often takes far longer than fiction. But I'm a fast reader in general so we'll see how we go. 

For more information on the books I've mentioned or my reading habits in general there's a link to my Shelfari reading record profile in the bookcase on the sidebar --> 

That's all for now,


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