Friday, November 5, 2010

Things I Like Friday: Second Hand Book Sales

This isn't going to be a regular thing. . .just my excuse to share things that aren't strictly craft related from time to time :) 

I love reading, I have since I was 6 or 7. Most of you have probably noticed the bookshelf on the sidebar and those of you that read regularly will notice the speed I get through books. I don't actually spend a lot of time reading, I just read incredibly fast!! And I admit I love owning and being around books (libraries are heavenly) almost as much as I love reading them. That being said I very rarely buy a book new - partly because they're often just to expensive to indulge in and partly because I just like old books. Second hand booksales are where I've picked up a majority of my library. My favourite is the annual 'bookorama' in my hometown, which attracts buyers from all over the South Island of New Zealand. When I go I have to go on the Monday - to get the good books before they disappear - and the Friday - when they have fill a bag for $5. Unfortunately I've missed it for the last two years, much to my chagrin. But missing it this year was almost (ok, so not really) made up for by the Christchurch City Libraries annual booksale, where they get rid of old/slightly damaged/unpopular stock and multiple copies. I limited my haul to 6, although my initial pile was 11.

1. A Year of Cross Stitch: Patterns for Every Season. There weren't any patterns in it I'd stitch for myself, but there were plenty I can see myself stitching for others and plenty of bits that could be used as motifs in other places. Besides, cross stitch pattern books are hideously expensive so for $3 I was snapping it up. 
2. Fabulous Crocheted Ponchos. I can't crochet, but the patterns in here are absolutely gorgeous. I would have taken it just to oooohhh over the pictures even if I had no intention of ever learning to crochet. As it is, it will serve as fantastic inspiration! 
3. The Postcard, by Beverly Lewis. I've read this one before and am more than happy to own it, even if there's a couple of pages loose. I haven't managed to get my hands on the sequel yet, it's always on loan whenever I'm at the library . . . I want to know what happens!
4. The Shop on Blossom Street, by Debbie Macomber. Honestly there are not enough good things I could say about this book. It's the first in what is my favourite series at the moment by one of my favourite authors. Debbie Macomber is a secular 'romance' (I'd give her that title loosely) novelist, who also happens to be a committed Christian. She writes stories with strong female characters whose lives are at most influenced by men in a positive way, rather than revolving around them. The emotions her characters portray are realistic and moving. Although her plotlines often do involve a romantic element, the emphasis is on true spiritual connection rather than sex and sex is rarely portrayed before marriage, if at all. It's incredibly refreshing given the 'chic lit' of today. I already owned this one as an e-book (it's available from numerous legal sources online as a free download) but am overjoyed to now have my own paper copy. This particular book focuses on the lives of 4 very different women and how those lives are changed when a knitting store opens on Blossom Street. I'd recommend it to anyone and for those of you that know me reading this, I'm happy to pass on my e-book copy. 
5. Someday Soon, by Debbie Macomber. A stand-alone novel by the same author. I haven't read it yet, but looks good! 
6. The McKettrick Way, by Linda Lael Miller.  I've been reading a few books by this author lately after a friend lent me a series by her. Honestly haven't really decided if I like her or not yet, so I'll read this one and if I don't like it will probably pass it on to said friend. 

All in all, a stash I am more than happy with!! I spent a few hours when I got home repairing broken spines and removing library stickers, so now they feel completely mine. My bookshelf is looking very happy for the new additions. 

That's all for now,


P.S an update on the knitting is coming, I swear

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  1. thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog - and you're ahead of me - I can't cook.....


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