Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mens Scarf and Hat Set

It's finished! I've been working on this set now for what seems like forever (although in reality is actually only a month or two). They've both turned out beautifully and I've taught myself a few new skills in the process. What I've learnt from this project is 

- Purling
- Reading a knit pattern 
- Decreasing 
- Ribbing
- Adding a Fringe to a knit scarf 

I've finished them right in time too, as where my man lives is fast dropping in temperature as the depths of the European winter approach. Just as it's reaching 25-30 degree days here!

I know that these photos don't really do the set justice as a photo of someone modeling them would. But I'm still a bit cautious about showing my face in a setting where anybody can access the photos! So this will have to do :) At the very least they show how beautiful the colours are, although that's down to the wool rather than me. 

The scarf is a simple knit/purl alternate rows until appropriate length. The hat is No.24 Knitted Family Cap (Mens) in Patons Book 483: Winter Warmers. Both are knit with Moda Vera "Athena" green yarn on 6mm needles and it took 4 and a half balls of wool for the two.

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