Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Creative Space: Christmas Stitching

A few Christmas pieces are starting to come together. Is it really December already? It must be, as I start doing the real late night shift at work as store opening hours extend. 

This will probably be the first and last hint of Christmas craft I'm doing this year, as much of it is destined for people I know are regular readers! 

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For creative space visitors who may have seen my progress on the knitted hat and scarf set, you can see it completed in my last post.

That's all for now,


Book Update: Still going through The Making of Modern Britain


  1. hi sarah, well done with all your christmas gifts being done. do we get a peek after christmas at what you've made?

  2. I love your cross stitch! I have a couple here i must try and do they are small so shouldn't take very long - oh for more time!


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