Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sew Crafty Phone Sleeve

In a post not long ago I mentioned that I recently got a new touch screen phone and have been a little scared that I'll scratch the screen when I throw it into my bag alongside keys, pens and numerous other pointy things. Solution. . . a chance to rehash my almost non-existent skills on the sewing machine once again. When it comes to sewing I really am a beginner. I haven't consistently used a sewing machine since intermediate school (non-Kiwi's would generally call it middle school). Still I'm always willing to pull out my mum's 20+ year old machine and give things a go in hopes that it will one day magically translate into real ability! 

I used a cotton print for the exterior in lime green, one of my favourite colours. The interior is light blue fleece, that provides the cushioning that the sleeve was designed for without being to fluffy or heavy. The fabric came from just my local store and I got both pieces on special at a fantastic price, though I now have a heap of both left over!!

As you can see, I've done some top stitching in red to match the red buttons. This was my first attempt at buttonholes, which mum's sewing machine didn't really like very much, but it kind of warmed up to the idea eventually. Luckily you can't tell when its buttoned up just how wonky the holes are. The whole thing is also very forgiving of my far from straight top stitching. I think in retrospect I should have used velcro instead of buttons, more for practical use now than ease of creation then - doing up the buttons takes a wee while! I think it also would have been better of with one strap instead of two. Nevertheless it's a truly practical project and I've used it every day since I made it.

I adapted the design from the tutorial here. The Cottage Home is a fantastic blog, and her tutorials are always so easy to follow!

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Summer Reading Project Update:
Non-fiction read: 1
Fiction read: 1
Currently reading: "A Land of Two Halves," by Joe Bennett (non-fiction). A hitch-hiking journey around New Zealand by a favourite newspaper columnist/"travel" writer of mine that I've been meaning to read for over a year. I wouldn't really call it travel writing, it's more beautiful and brutally honest descriptive prose. I'd also recommend his book "Where Underpants Come From," in which he traces a pack of underwear bought at a discount retail store here in NZ back through the manufacturing process to a cotton field in China, while analysing how such a phenomenon came to happen in the first place and the new economic dominance of the Chinese industry. 

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