Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stocking Up

Yesterday I returned to the city for the day to pick up the keys for my home for next year, do some Christmas shopping, catch up with friends and the like. It was a fantastic day and great to get "out and about"! One of the highlights was a stop off at Spotlight, which is a homeware and hobby store. Unbeknown to me before I arrived, they were having a wool clearance sale with a huge variety going for a dollar a ball. I'd been meaning to get maybe 3 balls of wool for a small project and I ended up with 13!! At $1 a ball though, how could I resist?!? I think I now officially have a wool stash. Which is both exciting and kind of scary, my craft stash has never been huge but lately it's been steadily increasing in ways that haven't over-extended my students budget. 

By luck of the draw the ones I picked out turned out to all be by the same brand, Moda Vera. The one on the bottom left here is actually the same kind of wool I used for my man's scarf and hat set, just in a different colour. I got between 2-4 balls of each kind here.

I've been cleaning out my childhood room lately and during the weekend managed to free up this crate box (it was full of lego sets I hadn't been able to bear dismantling when I packed away my lego years ago. These days I'm a bit more ruthless and realise that lego can be put back together again). With a quick wipe from a wet cloth its become my new wool stash box. 

I also got something new for myself I just had to share. Remember my post about florals and vintage style? 

This was my buy for the day from Cotton On at Dressmart, which is a mall in Christchurch thats main feature is discount stock chain clothing stores. I love the lace detailing around the shoulders and the modern/vintage mix. For me this is very girly in comparison to how I've dressed for most of my life and the first clothing item I've had by choice since I was 6 that can undeniably be called pink. Just goes to show how tastes change through the years!! I think I'm developing my own style more as I approach the end of my teenage years.

That's all for now, stay tuned tomorrow for a special 'Things I like Friday' post! 


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  1. I think that you have got the perfect things to prepare for the next days. Instead of thinking a lot between the things just go for the ones which are better in quality and price.


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