Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Very Crafty Christmas

The presents are all unwrapped, the fridge is being slowly emptied of leftovers and although the tree is still up, I've been enjoying the post-Christmas holiday of sun, drinks (though not to many), eats and family time. It seems that this year those I love have latched onto my passion for all things crafty and many of the gifts I recieved reflected that. I thought I'd show off my favourites, crafty and non-crafty! I'm feeling very spoilt right about now. . .

These cute as and super comfy slippers. I actually got them for myself in the Boxing Day sales, but with a giftcard from my Uncle, so I'm counting them as a present. 

This vintage floral clutch purse. I love love love it, it's so pretty. I really needed a clutch just for those occasions when a bag feels like to much, but I can't really lug around my gigantic wallet which is stuffed full of cards and coins and everything but the kitchen sink. It's actually exactly the same one I featured in this post, good spotting mum!

Some measuring cups and spoons, which will make a welcome addition to my flat kitchen this year. It's amazing how many little things you need for good baking, although I've always managed to make do. Now I just need a rolling pin. . . . 
Also a container of Mod Podge, which I only recently became aware was even available in New Zealand! It's a craft glue and sealer which I've seen innovative bloggers do just about everything with, from coasters to fabric covered shoes! 

My brother gave me this absolute tome of a book (over 300 pages!), I don't think I'll ever need a baking cookbook again!! It's brilliant. Allyson Gofton is a cooking institution here in NZ and her recipes are practical for the home and pretty fool proof. Up until now I've only had several different editions of Edmonds Cookbook, which is also an NZ institution, but of a very different type - it's a slim edition covering those need to know recipes in all genres and traditionally given upon leaving home. I think this new edition to my bookshelf will quickly become well thumbed! 

My beautiful friend Becky made me this absolutely stunning quilted bag. It's amazing, I love it to pieces, her sewing skills are so incredible in comparison to mine!! 

And now for the cherry on the cake. . . .

This is my new baby, a Bernette 66 sewing machine by Bernina. I still can't believe I have my own sewing machine!! I've played on it a little bit to make sure I know how to work it and I have to admit, my skills have already improved by about 10 times working on a machine less than 30 years old. . . although that's probably more the machine than me. It's a bit daunting. . .I've always been a little scared of the sewing machine. But now I have no excuses and I can see 2011 being a bit of a learning curve. But more on that in the New Year!! 

I hope you were all as spoilt at Christmas as I was! 

That's all for now



  1. A sewing machine - lucky you!!! Nice! And don't worry - I got my new one (Brother 2600) two years ago and only learnt how to use the buttonhole feature a week ago!
    Happy learning...

  2. Wonderfully presented this crafted stuff. Simply amazing work done by you good job and keep sharing and posting. Best wishes and Good luck for future posts.


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