Saturday, December 11, 2010

Writing my recipe file

The other day I did something I've been meaning to do for ages and 'created' my own recipe file. By created I mean I bought a notebook and wrote/glued in all the recipes I've collected and have been gathering dust on numerous scraps of paper and in random computer documents. It was suprisingly hard to find the type of notebook I wanted. . . around 5x7 inches and with a hard cover and binding. Eventually I found what I was looking for by finding a step in the store and investigating the display shelves that are out of most peoples reach. 

I'm one of those people that are naturally organised, so it was nice to finally get rid of all the scraps of paper. Then again, the file itself is somewhat lacking in terms of my usual level of neatness and organisation. I threw the recipes in as I found them, so I've ended up with soups next to desserts next to snacks and the like. But I really don't mind. I'm sure the pages of my favourites will become well thumbed enough that they'll be easy to find. 

Here's a page. On one side Chilli Corn Fritters and on the other Vienna Almonds. The corn fritters I've made so many times now I know them by heart anyway. The almonds are something I only found the other day, in a section of a magazine titled 'edible Christmas gifts to make at home.' Maybe not this year as most of my Christmas gift buying/making has already been done, but it may come in handy for next year. I'm looking forward to filling in a few more pages by then.  ..which reminds me, I must ask my flatmate for her pumpkin cassarole recipe!

That's all for now,

Summer Reading Project Update
Non-fiction read: 2
Fiction read: 1
Currently reading: "The Political Animal" by Jeremy Paxton (non-fiction), "New York" by Edward Rutherfurd (fiction). Yes another historical epic, who knew I was so predictable?!   

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