Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Stitching of 2011

I felt like I needed to just take something small away with me on holiday, so started a bookmark kit I recieved as a gift just before I started blogging. I was a bit unsure about the design when I was looking at the cover photo, there was just so much black! But Textile Heritage have come through again and the end result is stunning, the black really sets they whole thing off - there's a reason they're one of my favourite cross stitch designers! 

 Stained Glass Window by Textile Heritage of Scotland
Stitched with aida and thread provided
Finished with felt backing and tassle provided

Making up the bookmark was my first time sewing on my new machine unaccompanied, as my usual guide (mum) wasn't at home. It went pretty smoothly and I can already feel my control getting better - it's nice to see improvement so quickly! 
I didn't have anyone in mind for the bookmark when I started it, but Dad made several hints about liking it as I stitched and as it's his birthday at the end of this week, I think it will have a happy new owner. 

I hope you guys like the new Summer design! I took the photo on my holiday at Lake Tekapo, which is in the middle of the South Island of NZ. I think the aida background brings back the craftiness though :) 

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  1. Wow, looks great! I'm sure your Dad will be happy you gave it to him. Textile Heritage make some lovely patterns... I really like the designs featuring Scottish thistles.


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