Thursday, January 27, 2011

Last Cross Stitch Finish of 2010

I've been delaying posting about these until they all went out to the intended recipients. They still haven't, but most have and as it's been over a month since I finished them I probably shouldn't delay any longer!

 Christmas Quickies 2, 11, 12, 20, 21 & 30 by Barbara Mock for Dimensions
Stitched on 14 count scrap aida and thread

I got the pattern booklet for 32 quick Christmas designs off the auction site TradeMe for $3, thinking they would make cute ornaments and be a good way to use up some left over thread (I'm the type that throws nothing out, and keep snaplock bags of assorted thread left unused from completed kits and the like). The colours might not quite be the same as those required, but I think I managed to get the contrasts right. I finished them simply by backing with a Christmas themed printed fat quarter of fabric and an ornament hook of Christmas ribbon. Not the best sewing and they all ended up 'unique,' but I think that (almost) added to the charm. 

They made great gifts and I was made to add my initials and the year to the back of each one, so that if I do a similar thing in later years my friends and family can build up a collection! It actually sounds like a nice idea, although this year I may have to start a bit earlier.... 

That's all for now,


  1. They are gorgeous ornaments! I used to cross-stitch a lot when I lived in the UK. I will return to it one day, but I'm absorbed in sewing now!

    I had to sign up to follow your blog - inspired by the beautiful photo on your header, and your 'about me' blurb!! Looking forward to reading more!!

  2. they are all so cute!great idea putting your initials and date on the ornies.:)

  3. Trying to remember when last I did some cross stitch - far too long ago!
    Love them, they're gorgeous!


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