Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Years Reflection and Resolutions

Apologies for what is going to be a comparatively wordy post! But I thought that the New Year would be a perfect time to reflect upon my crafty progress so far. As it happens, it also marks the start of my 6th month of blogging. Boy does time fly! So, three questions just to figure out where I am, where I've come from and we're I'm going. . .  

What can I do?
When I started writing in August I called myself a competent cross stitcher, a beginning baker and knitter, and an even worse than beginning sewer. 
These days I'm beginning to see myself as bordering upon a skilled cross stitcher. Over this year I've attempted more than one complex piece to see them all turn out how I wanted them, which is nice! But I still can't "finish" my pieces in the beautiful ways I've seen on other blogs. 
I can now knit competently and have learnt how to purl, one of my original goals!!! I'm even starting to speed up a little! It's so nice being able to vary my stitch a bit and include stocking and ribbing in my pieces. 
My bakings coming along nicely, as is my cooking (although my lovely man will still tell you his is better. Which is true, he has a natural flair in the kitchen). 
Sewing. . .hmmmm. . we'll see :P 

Looking at that, there's just so much I want to learn still!! I guess knitting has been my major accomplishment this year, but there still so many techniques I want to learn there too! 

Why am I doing this?
When I asked myself that question upon starting my blog, my answer was "I don't know." I think I do know now. The more I find myself immersed in the world of craft the more I think about just that question, and three answers just keep coming back. . 
For the Past: The further I delve into craft the more I find myself learning in the memory of women who would have been more than happy to teach me had I shown an interest at a younger age.  Both of my grandmothers, crafty ladies each, passed away when I was young. Taking up passtimes they enjoyed has made me feel both closer to them and further away, as I regret not learning what they had to teach when they could teach it. I feel increasingly grateful that my mum, though I doubt she would call herself 'crafty,' learnt from them at least the basics of many crafts, if not more. 
For the Future: Increasingly I find myself on this journey as almost a 'nesting,' despite the fact I feel far to young for it! But, increasingly I find in my heart the need to be able to provide for my future family in more than the financial sense, to be able to clothe them warmly and keep them entertained etc in a sustainable and homemade way. I think that sense comes with finding the right person to share such dreams with; my wonderful man and I have been together for two and a half years now. It's also partly just growing up. Friends my own age are announcing their engagements and those just a few years older than me starting families of their own.... I'm happy to wait a wee bit longer though!!
For Myself: I've always been creative in my own way, but in attempting art or music or any of the other modern creative pursuits I've always found myself frustrated, unable to traslate what I have in my head into the medium. With craft my creative flair shines and it gives me immense joy being able to create something beautiful out of the simplest of things; fabric, thread, wool. . . I love it. God's given me a slowly developing gift I intend to use!

What Comes Next: Some New Years Resolutions
So what comes next? My crafty New Years Resolutions are. . .
  1. To learn to crochet. I keep finding wonderful crochet patterns for things that just can't be achieved the same way in knit! And I love it's a totally different discipline that also uses wool! 
  2. To complete a long stitch. I recieved a beautiful kit as a late Christmas present, so it's a perfect opportunity to extend my cross stitch skills into other forms of embroidery and tapestry
  3. To learn how to machine sew properly and well - and not to be so afraid of the machine! I think thats my major problem with sewing, I'm just a little afraid of the machine. Practice is needed!! 
So there we go. Normal transmission will resume immediately! Lately I haven't been featuring what I've been working on a lot, as I'm still on a few late Christmas gifts. But there's a few things in the works that I'll be able to share soon!! 

That's all for now,


Summer Reading Challenge Update
Fiction Read: 2
Non-Fiction Read: 2
Wow reading non-fiction slows my pace down alot!
Currently Reading: The Political Animal (still - non-fiction), The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich (non-fiction, although from what I've read so far that label is dubious!)  


  1. Sounds like you've made great progress, and I know you'll do just as well with your new resolutions. May your new year be filled with many blessings and much happiness!

  2. Hi Sarah --

    Glad to see that we're both involved in equally arcane corners of the world of internet blogging. Mine is art/lit/pols and campus angst; yours is crafting. There IS a satisfaction, though, and I feel like the more I push myself to write and think the more it will flow into other parts of my life too...

    Good luck with all your goals -- and by the way, your cross-stitch looks v pretty.


  3. Thanks Andrew. For the record yours is by far one of my favourite non-crafty blogs!!


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