Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Promised Birthday Stash

I did say I'd show it off didn't I . . .  

"Joan Elliot's Cross Stitch Greeting Cards" was actually a late Christmas present, mum just forgot to give it to me at Christmas and didn't remember until I reminded her - I knew I was getting it, as I picked it out myself at a craft fair we went to earlier in the year. It's a stunningly beautiful book, Joan Elliot is a wonderful designer (one of her designs was the first piece I did to be featured on this blog) and these designs just have that extra wow factor that make them truly special.
My dear friend Kate gave me "Cross Stitch Greeting Cards." I'm lucky that the two books are so different and equally wonderful! This one has over 100 for the most part fairly simple (but very effective) designs that I could whip up in an hour or two, which will be great for when I forget people's birthdays until the last minute but feel like they really deserve something special. . *cough* hehe. 

I recieved these two long stitch kits from my man's grandparents (left) and parents/siblings (right) respectively. Aren't they both beautiful? I've never done a longstitch before and it was the arrival of the one on the right that prompted me to add it to my New Years Crafty Resolutions list. Apparently once you're up and running it's quite an easy stitch to do, but like all things it's the starting off that's the hardest part! 

My brother gave me this very cute cross stitch kit, I think the name, "mischief" is quite appropriate!

Finally, my birthday present to myself (well, really from the various people that gave me birthday money). . .

Just a few sewing essentials I'll need when I go back to university and can't borrow mum's anymore. A measuring tape, black & white sewing thread (with some grey thrown in just for good measure) and dress making pencils. I also treated myself to a pair of embroidery scissors. My old pair of scissors decided to go walkabout a few weeks ago and for the life of me I haven't been able to find them anywhere. They were just a pair of normal paper scissors I used just for embroidery. This is the first time in my now 13 years of embroidery that I own real, proper, embroidery scissors.  . . the difference is amazing and I'm wondering why I waited so long. 

Thank you friends and family for the lovely presents. I'm so glad that those I love have caught onto what I love and appreciate (the last time I recieved bulk crafting stuff was when I was eight) - it makes a true difference when I'm on a limited budget. This holiday season has increased my crafty stash at least three fold if not more. Now if only I was the sort of person who could craft without purpose!!! Then I wouldn't have to wait for the right occasion to come along to get stuck into some of the kits . . hehe. Much love to you all.

That's all for now,


Summer Reading Challenge Update
Non-Fiction Read: 4
Fiction Read: 5
Currently Reading: "Memoirs of the Blair Administration: Tony's Ten Years" by Adam Boulton (non-fiction). I finally finished "The Political Animal" and ironically enough, have dived straight back into British politics. . .more fool me perhaps.  

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