Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making Mistakes

This is a scheduled post, as I am currently in the process of moving house and am without internet. 

Sometimes I think it's easy to get the impression from my blog that even though I call myself a beginning crafter, these things come naturally to me. I admit, I usually just post the finished project photos or progress updates from when things are going well. When I'm in the middle of a huge muck up, I'm usually too frustrated to think about taking photos for my blog!! 

But I assure you, I do make mistakes. Often. As I'm writing this I'm looking at the burnt edges on some cookies I just baked. Almost two years ago I managed to accidentally make a completely perfect in every batch of cheese scones which I've been unsuccessfully trying to recreate ever since. 

Some things do come naturally, I admit. Knitting did until I hit ribbing, which took me hours of attempts and unravelling to get right. I still don't understand increasing. Anyhows, I thought I might just prove to you all that I'm by no means the perfect crafter and I really, honestly am just a beginner muddling my way along! 

This is my  . . . wait for it. . .third attempt at herb propagating. I've been trying with 4 different types of herbs over the summer, have done it all by the book and have had one success. As you can see, mark 3 isn't going particularly well either. 

And this is a side seam from a yet-to-be-featured sewing project I've been working on over the last couple of days. It might not be obvious in the photo, but at the bottom edge the stitching I'd just done has come away completely. I'd already unpicked the seams once after realising I'd done it with a far too long a stitch length . . . good thing I was planning on going over the seam anyway with a sturdier machine stitch than just plain straight, so I won't have to unpick it again!!

There you go. . . I'm not perfect. . . but I'm loving it anyway. 

That's all for now,

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