Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Creative Space: Meet Edwin

My latest creation. I've always pulled myself away from making toys before, as I have no readily available children to give them to and only so much space in my own life to pile full of knitted and sewn toys (as much as I'd like too). But I felt like something quick and fun and just. . . full of character I guess. So meet Edwin.

Why is he Edwin? I really don't know, it just felt like his name. Much in the same way it just felt right to prop him up for his photoshoot using Jane Eyre. My man is insisting he should be called Bruce, since his colour and flat face with large ears, due to my inexperience with toy stuffing make him look a bit like an Australian koala. But this bear just isn't a bruce. . . he's more of the scholarly type and I have an almost unresistable urge to make him a pair of spectacles. He'll at least have a waistcoat by the time I'm finished with him. 

The pattern came from this lovely book, which I happened to spot at the library and now by a twist of fate, own a copy of (I was buying class textbooks from the UK and needed to find something around the 3 pound mark to qualify for free shipping to NZ without breaking the budget). 

I think I'll be using more patterns from this book in future, but for now my need to make toys has been satisfied hehehe. 

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  1. I think Edwin is adorable - and would certainly suit specs and a waistcoat!! Great job!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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