Monday, March 7, 2011

Things I Like Friday on a Monday: Christchurch

Yes, yes, I know it's a Monday, but sometimes these things just have to fall where they fall hehe. A lot of the talk since the earthquake has been about people leaving Christchurch, the city I currently call home, many for good. I admit, it's even gone through my mind more than once and may still happen depending on the future of my university courses. But I love Christchurch and decided to study here for a reason, so I thought I'd share some of my favourite places in the city with myself and you :) Some of these I have been led to believe are no longer standing, but the essence of Christchurch will still remain. 

The Canterbury Museum at night. . .  I love this place and over the last few years, due to the nature of my study, have spent plentiful time there. I love the building itself. . . who couldn't love that stonework and the inscription above its doors of Job 26:14; "Lo, these [are] parts of his ways: but how little a portion is heard of him?" A cheeky throwback by the museums founder, von Haast, to Christchurch's Anglican founders who wouldn't let him put a darwinist quote above the doorway. Despite having a similar faith myself to those Anglican founders I can still appreciate his sense of humour and just choose to answer his question with "more than you would think." The museum contains over 2 million artifacts, from the typical Kiwi, such as the Paua house, to the completely unexpected, such as its collection of Benin Bronzes

The Dux de Lux, restaurant, bar and microbrewery. Commonly known as "The Dux," I have many good memories here. It's location means it's often the bar of choice when out with friends for the evening to see a stage show or other similar events! On the complete other end of the scale, I've had a drink there with the American Ambassador and entourage. Although I'm not much of a beer person, their brews come highly recommended and I personally love the Ginger Tom (in small doses). 

The Arts Centre market has been a regular occurence during weekends for quite literally as long as I can remember. . I can admit I like it less for the shopping stalls and more for the food. .  the hustling and bustling food alley contains everything from crepes to chinese. Where else can one get 3 deep fried Thai vegetable balls in a paper bag seeping sweet chilli sauce for $2? The Arts Centre itself is also close to my heart. .  . its rabbit warren of corridors always throws up hidden treasures for me and the Court Theatre knows how to put on a great show. I'm hoping it's back up on it's feet in time for "Five women wearing the same dress."

Hands Ashfords is the crafting store of my dreams really. Although I more regularly shop at chain store Spotlight, due to being a student on a budget, I regularly visit this place just to drool. It was a two block walk from my old flat and I stopped in many a time on my regular walking-for-exercise circut. . . in fact it was a motivating factor in my walking-for-exercise at all :P 

There's much more I could mention really but I think this will do for now. I sincerely hope and pray that Christchurch can get back on its feet. And that all of you out there, where ever you may be, have spots in your own towns and cities that are dear to your heart. 

That's all for now,


Photos were sourced in a hurry from Google Images, I take no credit. 


  1. Hi Sarah, we visited Christchurch a couple of times, a few years ago now, and have to say what a beautiful city it was. It really reminded me of Cambridge (England), where our daughter lived at the time. I sincerely hope that it is possible to rebuild it as faithfully as possible. I'm glad that you and your family are safe, and hope that if any of your favourite places are damaged that they will be restored and still remain favourites. XX

  2. What a great snapshot of Christchurch - I've spent a little time there too, and loved it! I'll visit again one day, and see it's splendor again!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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