Sunday, April 24, 2011

From the Archives

I started cross stitching long before I started blogging and have always taken photos of my work to record it. I think I have a photo of every cross stitch I've ever done bar two, though a lot of the photos were taken retrospectively. Anyways I thought I'd just share some of my favourites from before I was blogging today!

 "I Love the Holidays" by Patricia Maloney for New Berlin Co.
Stitched with aida and threads provided in kit. Finished as a bookmark with trims in kit.
Completed 2009.

 "Just Married" by Bucilla (with own alterations).
Stitched with aida and thread provided in kit, plus DMC 310.
Professionally framed as a Wedding Sampler for Ben and Lydia Ford.
Completed 2009.

"Butterflies and Buddleia" by Textile Heritage of Scotland.
Stitched with aida and thread provided in kit. Finished with materials in kit.
Birthday gift for a friend. Completed April 2010.

"Cragside Farm" by Derwentwater Designs.
Stitched with aida and thread provided in kit.
Gifted to a very special lady! Completed November 2009.

That last one is both the most complex stitch I've ever done and by far my favourite out of all I've completed. If you've never discovered Derwentwater Designs before, some of their stitches are stunningly beautiful. 
And now something just for fun. This was the first cross stitch I ever did way back in the day!! Believe it or not I still have the pattern, though I'm not sure I'll ever use it again :-P

 "House" by Little Folks for Easy Street.
Stitched with aida and thread provided in kit.
Completed approx 1999. 

I admit I'm glad my skills have progressed as I've got older! This is by no means the only stitches I've done, but it's a nice selection of my recent-ish favourites. I hope you've enjoyed it! 

As a stitchy aside I recently stumbled upon Bekca's blog. You should check it out! I love connecting with crafters my own age, stitchers in particular. There are so few of us out there in blogland. 

That's all for now,


  1. Great stitches, I love your bookmarks. Thank you very much for the mention, and I hope you had a lovely Easter! Best wishes.

  2. Great early works! Its wonderful to see more and more younger stitchers (not that old myself)! Welcome to blogging!


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