Friday, April 1, 2011

Irrrrkkk. . .

I have a confession to make.  . .  I haven't been particular crafty lately. Not by choice I may add! But simply due to time constraints. This is the last year of my degree and I'm taking a higher than usual workload. . . add in an earthquake and you've got an interesting situation on your hands. So for the moment, this is my creative space. . . 

My humble desk has become my university, my space of creative outlet, relaxation and everything else all rolled into one. I find it kind of funny how one side is dominated by files and textbooks and the other side by sewing machine, pincushion (with the pins in the shape of a fish due to some moment of restlessness) and Edwin. But for the moment my creativity is less stitching and the like and more. . . xxx amount of words on whether we should consider the Renaissance to be the foundation of the modern age. I love them both in their own way, but rest assured I'll find my way back to the other side of the desk soon.

That's all for now,


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  1. Well its good your crafty stuff isnt too far away :)


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