Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Creative Space: Bear Bodies

At the moment my crafty life is dominated by bits of bears. . . . 

It may not look it but here you have heads, arms, bodies and legs all ready to be sewn together. I'm making multiple bears so working assembly line style. The wool is medium quality 100% acrylic that I got for next to nothing from a local discount chain. I think I'll be able to get two bears to a ball so total cost with eyes, embroidered features and stuffing will be less than $3 a bear.

They'll be jetting off to Uganda with a friend soon to leave on a short-term mission. I wish I could make dozens but my knitting isn't very fast yet. . . I'll probably end up with a relatively small number, but everything helps.

You can find more lovely creative people over at Kootoyoo

That's all for now,



  1. Bears for Uganda! Great stuff! I'm sure they'll be well loved and appreciated!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Oh how fab!!!! Would love to have a photo or two for my other blog (Dolly Donations) when you're all done :)
    Please feel free to send them to me, can't wait to see them, i know they will be adorable!!!

    take care, Sarah

  3. Well done you on your creativity for those in need! BTW loving your header - making me hungry!!!!

  4. What a great cause to lend your stitching talents too. I'm sure they'll look adorable when they're all stitched up. Best wishes.


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