Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something New! Making Bread

The entire point of this blog is meant to be me learning new skills. Which I've been doing, but on a limited basis. But this is entirely new. I made bread. I've never made bread before, but yesterday at around 5pm I discovered a strange craving for homebaked crusty mmmmm bread. And by 5pm today my dream was realised!! So here you go. . . a pictorial tour of my breadmaking experience. . .

Stage one: All the ingredients are mixed and it's a bit of a sticky mess. Good thing the recipe said it was meant to look like a sticky mess or I would have been getting worried.

A bit of kneading later and it's a sticky ball

Two hours in the sun and I had something vaguely resembling dough! (If you've noticed my saucepan mixing bowl . . . I live in a student flat, it's called ingenuity)

Another three quarters of an hour (this recipe called for a lot of rising) and it's ready to go in the oven. And 30 minutes latter we have. . . . BREAD!

For a first attempt I was pretty happy with this one. The first slice I had when it was still hot out of the oven was heavenly. It wasn't perfect though. On the whole maybe slightly to dense, in the oven just 5 minutes to long and dusted with too much flour. But it was still a resounding success with my flatmates and there is enough left over for toast and a sandwich tomorrow. 

I can make bread. . .my life (ok, maybe just my day) is complete.

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  1. I've never really tried bread but I'm so tempted! Thanks for the inspiration


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