Saturday, May 21, 2011

Clearing out the Projects

Over the last few days I've hit 20 followers! Yay! Thank you all. I'm not one who worries about the numbers but it's always nice to know someone is reading this thing. Some of you may have noticed a bit of a revamp going on at the moment, please stick with me as things change slightly!

As part of that revamp I took a look at my 'Projects On My Mind List' that you can see on the sidebar. It's just a list of what I'm working on and what I'm thinking about getting around to at some point, so when I have the “oh I really want to make one of those sometime” thought I don't forget. Lately it's been getting a bit bogged down though, so I thought I'd give it a clean out!

  1. Crochet Scarf (WIP). This actually is a current work in progress, so it can stay.
  2. V&A Vase Mini Cushion Cross Stitch (WIP). Believe it or not, I'm also currently working on this one, so it can stay as well.
  3. Secret Projects (WIP). I'm not actually working on anything secret at the moment. . . but I haven't shown you what I was working on. Mainly because the person it's a secret for hasn't got it yet, even though it was meant to be a Christmas present. It's off the list for now and I'll try and show off what I made soon.
  4. Herb Growing (WIP). Well I'm still growing herbs, but I think I'll call this one a success! 


    Here's my sage and oregano, still going strong. Unfortunately I never managed to get the rosemary to take off. In a twist of fate just yesterday I inherited a mint plant. 

    We hosted my flatmates 21st last night and made a variety of 'proper' cocktails (ie: not out of a packet mix). One of them had mint in it and our local supermarket stocks fresh herbs as live plants rather than cuttings. At the end of the night we had one left over! I think it will need repotting pretty soon though. Oh. . . please ignore our unmown lawn, we've been having problems with the lawnmower lately! 

  5. Finished piece block roll. Still on the agenda
  6. Knitting Needle Case. Done!! See it here
  7. Fabric belt. Still on the agenda
  8. Do some cross stitch finishing. Ditto
  9. Learn to Crochet and more knit techniques. I think I can now amend this one to learn more crochet and knit techniques :)

Hopefully my projects list will soon be moving to its own tab with a few additions. Stay tuned . . .

That's all for now,



  1. I love our knitting needle case!! =O! THe fabric *swoons*!
    I have a little book where I write everything i want to make/do done, haha so many things and just not enough time!

  2. good idea to make a list, maybe I should try that or maybe not!! Hey just if you are interested, Rosemary is more of a shrub and it doesn't like too much love and attention, just throw it in the ground in the sun and it will take off!! I don't think they like pots much.


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