Friday, June 17, 2011

Home Comforts

We're still having around 5 significant earthquakes a day, last night I was woken up 3 times (although I find the fact that I'm now sleeping through anything below about a 3.7 quite scary). In trying times, sometimes you need home comforts.

This pasta salad is my turn-to meal when I can't be bothered cooking, but still need something that's filling and colourful and relatively good for me. It's basically tuna, tomato and avocado. 

Followed off with a berry self saucing pudding. I love self saucing puddings, but this was my first attempt at this recipe (from Allyson Gofton's “Bake”). It was pretty good. I think it would have been better with frozen berries, even though the recipe recommended whatever. I used thawed, which meant the whole thing took on a rather strange colour! 

I think you have to accompany good food with either good company, a good book or good TV (which has to be British). As I was the only one home at the time, I turned to 'Would I Lie to You?' David Mitchell very rarely fails to make me laugh!  

Speaking of things that brought a smile to my face. . . I love this Top 10 Reasons to Stay in Christchurch list.

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  1. Hi Sarah, how are you? I can't believe how brave you're being with all the earthquakes happening - I'm so glad you're doing ok.
    I've just been catching up with all my blog reading and I am loving your latest projects - that sew-case for your knitting needles, genius! I thought the crocheted hat was cute too :)
    I've been doing exams lately too, my last one is in a couple of days actually. And then I'll have a free summer to work, play and craft :)
    Take care and best wishes.


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