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Recipe Review: HEAL Chicken and Corn Soup

My occasional column is back for a second installment. As I learn to cook you can journey along with me! I'm staying underneath a pile of books with exams this week, but updates on stitching in progress will be coming soon.

HEAL Chicken and Corn Soup

 Apologies for the awful photo. My camera does not like taking photos at night.

You can find the recipe at: http://www.heal.org.nz/default.aspx?ci=119
Why I chose this recipe: I randomly picked up some chicken carcasses at the Butchers the other day when buying other meat, just because they were so cheap!
What changes did I make: Omitted spring onions, shalots and sesame oil (though I did chuck in some sesame seeds), because I didn't have any. Substituted crushed ginger for fresh. Used two small carcasses instead of one medium-large.

Expense/Ease of finding Ingredients: Relatively easy, though note some ingredients were listed but never used, while others were used in the recipe but unlisted. Finding chicken carcasses may be difficult for some, but most butchers would stock them. For me this wasn't a problem, as the fact I had chicken carcasses was the entire basis of the dish. Everything else I had in the cupboard and could be simply sourced by anyone planning a meal.
Putting it together: Instructions are brief, but clear and relatively easy to follow. My only note is really do add the egg whites in a thin stream while stirring well. I tried, but the egg all came out of the glass at once and I ended up with bits of poached egg throughout.
Cooking: A soup from scratch is never going to be a toss it together kind of meal, it's always a labour of love. I thought the cooking time was quite reasonable considering that you're making your own stock. I started preparation at 5 and had it ready to go by just after 7. I found it's best if you keep an eye on it, just to prevent over boiling, but I got plenty of other bits and pieces done in the mean time (dishes, vacumming, bladebla).
Taste: Not as flavourful as I would have expected considering the number and quality of ingredients, especially flavour enhancers, that went in the pot. Around half of the quantity I made has been refrigerated, so it will be interesting to see if this changes over the coming days once the flavours have had time to settle. But apart from this it was pretty good, just what you'd expect from a winter warmer.
Extras: I served it up with homemade flatbread (find the recipe for that here). Some sort of dipper is a must. If you're like me, toast is just as good as anything!

Overall thoughts: It's sometimes hard to find soup-from-complete-scratch recipes, so I'll probably use this one again. That being said, the lack of flavour really did disappoint me considering the amount of effort put in. I think it was more of a hit with my flatmates, who didn't have to make it, then it was with me!
Score: 3/5

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  1. Oh I love a good Chicken and Corn soup. Nothing better on a cold winter day! Thanks for the link to the recipe :)



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