Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finished Unfinished Bag

I felt like doing some sewing the other day and the perfect project came to mind for using up some stash material. A bag of the same design I did earlier in the year, from Cath Kidston's 'Sew'. With a slight difference though, this time I gave it a lining, I think it looks much better with one, don't you? 

You can see how my sewing has improved since the start of the year. Then I would have had no idea how to even do a lining! My lines are straighter and the whole thing was a lot faster. I whipped this up in about 3 hours, including tracing and cutting the pattern. 

But it's not finished. . . you might have noticed that the strap is connected to the bag and it has no closure at the top. Why not? Because of Project 0 . . . I need three buttons to finish it off and I don't have any that will work! Of course I won't be buying any, so I'll check out my mum's button box next time I visit. 

Apart from that this project was entirely FREE. The outer fabric was an offcut from curtains mum made in the land before time and I stole from her fabric box when I got my sewing machine at Christmas. The lining is from an old shirt of my dad's that I rescued from a bag of old clothes to go to the Salvation Army. Yay for repurposing! And I got 13 buttons off the shirt while I was deconstructing it to add to my own collection. . to bad they were to small to use for this!


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  1. I love your Project 0, it's such a clever way to make new things out of old. Love the bag, can't wait to see it finished.


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