Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lots of New Stash!

'Huh?' I hear you say . . 'Sarah weren't you meant to be not spending money on craft?' And I would say 'you would be right. . . and I didn't!'

So where do the new things come from? Firstly my brother just came home from adventuring around the UK and bought back presents! Including this absolutely beautiful sewing box!

Hopefully it will replace my old portable cross stitch carrier. . which is a tool box, literally. He also gave me this wee pile of goodies:

A tartan hat and scarf from Scotland, along with the adorable wee hedgehog and a sweet scissor fob/pincushion. The cupcake cookbook was actually a 'just because' present from my mum, isn't she lovely?! 

My winnings from family Rugby World Cup betting have also been put to good use, at my hometown's annual bookarama. It's an AMAZING secondhand book sale, one of the biggest in New Zealand. I've missed it the last two years and I wasn't going to let it happen this year!

I picked up these three cookbooks. Complete Comfort Food is out of print and I've been looking for it for nearly 8 months since flicking through my flatmates gorgeous copy. 

These were my craft book selections. The Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing I would recommend to anyone with a sewing machine, it really does have absolutely everything you need. And the Cross Stitch Design book looked intriguing, I'm looking forward to going through it. Maybe you'll see some patterns designed by me in future?

Finally my assorted other picks. . . 

Dawn on a Distant Shore and Monday's Child are ones I've read before and enjoyed enough to be more than happy to pick up my own copy. Musn't Grumble and Hannah's List are by two of my favourite authors, so have been set aside for upcoming plane travel reading. I've been meaning to read Middlemarch for a while and I can never set down a good classic that I haven't already got a copy of. And I thought Europe on a shoestring might come in handy. Not a bad haul all in all! Especially as they were all $1-2 each! If only I had time to go back on Saturday for their $6 bring-your-own-bag closing. I could have easily picked more, but was sticking to budget.

Finally just wanted to mention that there's a mystery stitchy giveaway going on at Old Ragged Threads for Elisa's 40th birthday. . So shuffle on over there and get your entry in!

That's all for now,



  1. What a kind brother you have! Is the hat Ness by any chance?? I have a skirt very similar!

  2. Ooh, enjoy all of your lovely goodies Sarah, the sewing box is gorgeous!


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