Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Ornie and an Update

My first love is cross stitching really. I think it always will be . . . . stitching seems to lift stress off my shoulders like nothing else does. Anyways!

I've just made a start on an ornie, since its coming up to Christmas. I thought it would be a nice tradition if I made hubby-to-be and I an ornament for each year of our married life. Technically we won't be married this Christmas. . . but I think 4 days afterwards is close enough! 

Obviously my choices were restricted by my ongoing Project 0, so the pattern is a freebie (which I'd been wanting to stitch anyway, find it here), the linen is from my stash and so are enough colours to get me started. The remaining colours might have to be a project exception? Hmmm. I'm loving stitching on linen again instead of aida, haven't done that in aggggggeess. Just picking it up again made me go 'why has it been so long!' I'm stitching this on 28ct Antique White by Zweighart, just because it's what I had. Not sure how the white on white is going to turn out for definition, maybe if I backstitch the edge in a light grey? We'll see.

Here's a progress update on Calm Waters. . .I'm just giving you a partial shot though because I don't want to give everything away! Don't you just love those mountains? I'm closing in on a quarter done. 

That's all for now my stitching friends,



  1. This is a gorgeous freebie, and what a lovely tradition to set up. Best wishes.

  2. Ooooh I wish I could stitch! I have a gigantic collection of really old embroidery thread (came from my Great Aunts when we cleared her house!), if you are in need of colours to finish the snowman then give me a yell and I can pop some in the post to you, would actually be going me a favour as it sits making me feel guilty about not being able to do anything with it!



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