Friday, September 9, 2011

Saving the Dates

Today I dropped fiance off at the airport, sending him back to Europe. It was bittersweet. . Always tough saying goodbye to each other, but easier knowing that the separation this time will be as short as 7 weeks and then that's it, we don't have to say goodbye like that any more. The end of our separate lives is something we've both been waiting years for and it feels so good to finally have it within sight. I think one of the (surprisingly many) advantages of being a very long distance Christian couple is that unlike most, we've lived in the same house for months at a time before we're married, as it's unpractical to do it any other way when we're visiting each other. For the last few months he's been an extra flatmate and I know what it's like to have him underfoot! And I'll miss that now he's gone. . . cooking for two instead of one, sharing a washbasket to save on space, even the shortage of electrical sockets. Soon!

We've just sent out an email Save the Date for our first ceremony. It was packed full of info about our different weddings so I made up this wee graphic on picnik to go at the top to brighten things up a bit.

The 'unsurprisingly' is a bit of an in-joke with family and friends. We're one of those couples that even when we had only just started dating people just knew we would be getting married one day, even if they didn't know us very well. So our engagement didn't come as a surprise to many!

I was going to get stuck into an essay this afternoon, but instead watched the start of the Rugby World Cup, went to Spotlight with a friend (didn't buy anything, remember Project 0), did some stitching and cut up some stash fabric for a new project. You'll be seeing it soon!

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