Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just a couple of Ornies

Told you I was going to try do some finishing in the weekend! I made up my Christmas ornament for myself and fiance and did another small piece as an ornie while I was at it. They are finished very simply, pillow style, but it's nice to see the progression in my finishing. I can definitely ladder stitch the openings closed far far better than I could have a year ago.

So here is the first ornie, pattern was a freebie from Gazette94. It was stitched using the recommended DMC on 28ct Antique White evenweave. The backing fabric is the one that you can see in the photo, I think the colours go so well, don't you? The ribbon for hanging isn't quite in the right place, because I positioned it using the snowman's head, forgetting that his head wasn't on centre! Oops!

Here's the second one. It was a freebie as well and I have the link to the pattern somewhere. . .just not sure where. I think it's a pattern I'll stitch again though, so I'll have to find it sometime. This one was stitched on 14ct oatmeal aida using DMC thread. It's backed with the fabric in the photo. For this one I got the ribbon in the right place!

The fabric for the first one was an agreed upon exception to my not-spending-money-on-craft-til-after-the-wedding rule. I had a coupon for the store it was from though, it came out much cheaper than I thought it would - so the fabric for the second one was a wee finishing uni celebratory splurge. It was only $3, so I think that's ok!! 

I will hand in my last university assignment today! I finished it yesterday. Haven't had any real celebrations yet, although two friends came over last night to say goodbye to me and brought chocolate things and a nice bottle of wine. Today I went out with some other friends for Yum Cha (sort of like Dim Sum), which was fun too. I tried chicken feet! It was weird, but pretty good. What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten? 

Happy Stitching everyone,



  1. Gorgeous finishes. I love both of the backing fabrics and they go so well with the patterns.

  2. Congratulations on finishing two such lovely designs! Best wishes.


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