Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crafty Survival

Last few days in New Zealand! I've been busy doing a lot of paperwork this week, but it's time to start thinking about packing. Of course, I started with my 'craft survival kit.' I can't take a lot, because I don't have a lot of luggage space for over four months worth of stuff! Unfortunately, clothes and Christmas gifts probably have to have priority :P 

After a bit of digging as to what I was allowed, I've decided to take some knitting in my carry-on, just a WIP cable scarf that's been around for far to long. I'm taking precautions – plastic, blunt needles with a safety line of contrasting yarn to hold the stitches in place if they get confiscated. The pair of needles above are my spares, just in case! There's also crochet hooks, some needles in a scrap of felt, interfacing, a ball of cotton yarn, supplies for cross stitch Christmas cards and a half kitted out CCN pattern (half kitted out because I only have half the threads). My Calm Waters WIP will also be going in, of course! I think I've covered all the bases. . . what do you think? 

I got a treat in the mail this week! I won this lovely book from Sew Mama Sew. There's so many inspiring patterns in here, I can't wait to try some of them! Unfortunately, that won't be til I get back. 

My baking must be improving, because I've had several requests in this last week at home! Tonight I thought I'd try something different though, so went for a delicious looking Chocolate and Cherry Bread from the Pastry Affair. This is straight out of the oven and cooling as we speak, so I can't tell you how it tastes yet. I'll let you know next post!

Have a great week everyone, next time you hear from me I'll probably be blogging from the other side of the world



  1. I think you have definitely covered the basics so you can continue craft wherever you go. The choc and cherry bread looks sooooo good, hope it was yummy. Enjoy your adventure!

  2. Hope the journey goes smoothly and no one dares confiscate your knitting needles!!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Hope all goes well for you... bring warm clothes, it has decided to become winter here in UK this last week.
    Love and blessings for your wedding.
    Chris xx


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