Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Card Finishes

So the other day I sat down and had an epic finishing session! After hours of carefully ironing and cutting and gluing I ended up with a pile of lovely Christmas cards to send out to friends and family. I'll show you one now, because I know it's going to someone who doesn't read the blog, but the rest will have to wait until after they've been received! 

Unfortunately for you this is probably the most boring of the lot and also has the least stitching! The stitched part of it took me less than 10 minutes. Most of the others are a bit more elaborate, but I still like this one for its simplicity.

The motifs and materials I used are all from an old issue of Cross Stitcher (UK) magazine – their 2010 Christmas issue. The motifs are now actually available online free here!

Just to finish off, here's a photo of the 'tasting platter' that I put together for fiance and I the other day. Apple, beautiful French cheese (we got it straight off the round from a market, so I can't tell you the exact type), French sausage (yes it's raw, and gorgeous that way) and savoury biscuits I made to go with it all. It was lovely!! 

Back to Calm Waters for me now. The race is on to get it finished before the wedding on the 29th like I promised myself . . . . I'm about 70% done, but we're sooo busy in the lead up to Christmas. Do you think I can do it?

That's all for now,



  1. Good luck with getting calm waters done in time for your wedding. Your card looks lovely as does the food yum.

  2. Of course you can do it!I wish I was as organized as you! I am supposed to be sending our my Christmas cards tommrow, but I havn't made any yet!!

  3. The card is lovely, Sarah. Tasting platter looks yummy and YES!!!! You can finish before the wedding!!!! :D

  4. Thanks Sarah for dropping by my blog. I hope you're enjoying your stay in France. The part of France I live in has its own microclimate so we may get a couple of snowflakes a year.

    I'll put your blog on my sidebar under sources of inspiration!! Keep stitching and best wishes for the season. Michèle

  5. Hi, returning the following. I stitched those cards last year and am sending them out this year, of course I didn't stitch them in time to send last year!
    Congratulations on the forthcoming wedding, my cousin Ben is married to a Sarah too, obviously well-matched names!!


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