Sunday, December 11, 2011

My First Time

Joining in the fun at Julie's blog

My first time was when I was 8 years old (young I know!!). I was staying at a friends house, her mum was doing it all the time. She had even given my friend a chance to try it out for herself. While we were watching her brother's soccer game my friend asked if I wanted to try. I was hesitant at first, but she kept asking until I said ok, I'll give it a go. It only took a couple of tiny pokes until I was hooked! I didn't want to give it back! As soon as I got home from my friends I begged my mum to get me some supplies. She eventually gave in and we went and picked out my first kit together from the local place. While I was learning I was only allowed to do it once a week, for half an hour on a Sunday evening while we were watching The Zoo on TV. It was frustrating only being able to do it sometimes, but I persevered and got better and better each time I tried it. My whole family was very encouraging, my mum even got herself one to do with me, though to this day she still hasn't finished it! After what felt like months of Sunday evenings I finally put in the last little piece and it was done. I displayed this piece in my room until I went off to university and it's been carefully packed away so I can keep it forever! 
What, what did you guys think I was talking about?? I've been cross stitching now for about 13 years and although I sometimes left it for a little while, I've always come back to it. I think the longest I went without stitching was about 10 months, and I've had at least one piece on the go for about 4 years now. I was a lonely stitcher for a long time – I lost touch with the friend who introduced me to it when she moved away and didn't really meet another stitcher until I got to know my fiance's family, which has multiple stitchers (and joined blogland of course!). Nowdays I think I easily have enough ideas in the stitching pile to keep me going for the rest of my life and enough stitchy friends to keep me on track!

When was your first time? Maybe you'd like to share it with everyone else here

That's all for now, update on Calm Waters coming soon!



  1. so very cute!happy holidays!!hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! i'm also hosting 2 rad giveaways! bracelets worn by kourtney kardashian, courtney cox and vanessa hudgens! check it! xo

  2. I haven't crossed stitched in over 10 years. I was never very good at it though. Beautiful. Thanks for visiting me today.

  3. Cute first start, and I loved following you down memory lane. :)

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome first time ☺

  5. Nice post! thanks for sharing..blessings soraya

  6. What a fabulous story thanks for sharing. That's a great idea for a blog post when I have little stitching progress to share!


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