Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Belated New Years Post

It's a bit after New Years, but hey, it's still in the first week right? Last year I only had three crafty resolutions:

  1. Learn to Crochet. Done and dusted!! I've done plenty of practice blocks and two proper crochet projects this year, with plenty more in the pipeline. I love it, it's so much quicker for me than knitting.
  2. To complete a longstitch. Done, see it here. It was a fun project and there's a few more in my stash that I've been given as gifts, just waiting for the right moment to come along
  3. To learn how to machine sew properly. This is still a work in progress I think, but I am definitely getting somewhere and I'm not afraid of the machine anymore like I was last year. It's like learning to drive a car, you have to learn to control it and not let it control you! I'll continue to work on this one this year I think.

This year I think my Crafty New Years Resolutions reflect the change in direction my bloggy/crafty life is taking at the moment . . . back to my first love, cross stitch.

So my 2012 Crafty resolutions are

  1. Cross stitch more! When I looked at my list of finishes for the year I realised how little cross stitching I'd actually done for most of the year . . .
  2. Participate in a bloggy exchange. This might have to be later in the year when I'm a bit more settled in one location and hopefully employment, but I'd love to join in!
  3. Crochet a full sized blanket or make a quilt. I feel like I'm ready for a big, challenging project!
  4. Try some other forms of embroidery. I managed longstitch last year, I'd love to jump into some other types.
  5. Read 50 books! I got to 42 last year, when I did so much reading for class the most of the time I didn't feel like reading for pleasure. So maybe with no class reading this year I can get another 8?

I also have a wee list of patterns I'd love to stitch this year

  1. April Showers – CCN
  2. Follow the Light – Cosmic Handmade freebie
  3. Chilly's Gift – Stitchy Kitty freebie
  4. Winter Sampler – marikabel freebie
  5. Tuscany – John Clayton
These are all stash patterns or freebies, as who knows how I'll go for new patterns this year! My only other plans are to stitch something for my parents spare room and join in with Becky's BAPchallenge. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for that one yet, I thought Tuscany would be big enough but apparently not! Anyone have any ideas? I'm also joining in with Daffycat's TUSAL this year, yay!

Just so this isn't a pictureless post, I thought I'd throw in this lovely photo of my half completed Santa Close-up. Half completed because the kit only included about two-thirds of the required white thread. Don't you hate it when that happens? Twice in a row for me now. Thankfully I think I have some white DMC here in France with me, just need to have a scrummage through! It does put you off working from kits though.

That's all for now, Happy New Years and Happy Stitching to you all,



  1. Good luck with your new year goals..
    Very sweet stitching...
    Happy stitching..
    Hugs cucki xx

  2. Happy New Year. Lovely stitching. Its so annoying when there is not enough thread. Look forward to seeing your crafting this year.

  3. That sounds like a successful 2011 - I hope you do just a well with all your 2012 goals!

  4. Happy New Year, Sarah. Great going on last year's goals and good luck with this year's! :D

  5. Happy 2012!!! :D
    Good luck on achieving your goals for the new year!! :)


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