Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday Stash and Baking

My birthday order from 123 stitch arrived, yay! It wasn't a big order but I got a couple of things from my wishlist, so I am happy :) 

'The North Wind,' from Little House Needleworks, some Cream/Ivory Lugana (for when I get to stitching CCN April Showers) and 'Snowed In' from Lizzie Kate's 6 fat men series. I'm going to start collecting 6 fat men one at a time and then stitch them in the suggested layout as one big piece, which I just love! I seem to have a bit of a winter theme going on at the moment in my stitching. . .

This was also part of my birthday present. Apparently it has arrived, but I won't get it for a few more weeks because we got it sent to the easiest of our THREE current addresses. I'm looking forward to going through it soon.

Hubby got me something else stash related too this week. I can't show it to you though, because I'm not allowed to have it myself yet! It's going to be a reward for when I find a job in the town we're moving to at the start of March. I sent in my first application this week. . .fingers crossed!

I've been in a real baking mood this weekend, whipping up a batch a bread rolls, a massive batch of cookies and a stuffed bread. The recipes aren't mine, but of course I can give you the links.

Part of the Cookie Mountain. My favourite choc-chip cookie recipe is here, in this batch I substituted half sultanas for the choc-chips
Stuffed bread, adapted from this recipe (but using different fillings and a different dough hehe) 
Inside the stuffed loaf. Mmmmmm

I've had a bit of a follower jump this week (for me 5 is still a huge jump) so thank you and welcome ladies!

Before I go I have a bit of a question for you all. Well well over a month ago now I won a mystery giveaway on someone's blog . . . I gave them my French mailing address when asked, thinking that whatever they sent would arrive well in advance of when we left France. I never recieved anything and have never heard from the blogger again. We'll be leaving France soon and I'd hate to hurt someone by missing a parcel that they had lovingly sent because I didn't keep them updated or had given up on expecting anything. On the other hand I don't want to send an email saying effectively 'well, did you ever send anything?'!!! It sounds so rude and ungrateful! What do you think? 

That's all for now, hope you lovelies have a great week 



  1. Happy belated birthday dear..
    Great it so much..lovely book too..
    Yummy mouth is watering too..
    Have fun xxx

  2. Yay for birthday stash! I'll take one of those cookies. well maybe two. Gotta be balanced and all right?

    as for the question about the mailing, I'd message them explaining what's going on with the moving. Nobody should think you're being ungrateful about it.

    I love handmade bags for some reason, so I can't wait to see what you make :D

  3. Fab birthday pressies, the book looks great, another one to add to my amazon wish list !

    I would email the giveaway person, even if they have sent it and it hasn't got to you it lets them know if it has been lost.


  4. Nice birthday stash, Sarah. :D I'm looking forward to seeing your bags. :D

    Hmm... I'm email the blogger and tell her what's happening. Just say that you're leaving France soon and you're hoping the package will get to you as you'd be so sorry to miss it, but in case you do, you appreciate her kindness.

    Good luck with the job hunt and the food looks delish!!

  5. Hi Sarah, Happy birthday! Your new stash looks marvelous. I agree with other commenters that you should contact the person whose giveaway you won. If it got lost in the mail, I'm sure they would want to know, and it certainly wouldn't be rude to ask. By the way, am I the only one who sees the face of an older, chubby man with his eyes shut on top of your stuffed bread? He looks like he's almost smiling, so maybe he's having a pleasant dream.

  6. I'd email too explaining about the move. This actually happened to me last year. I won a giveaway and never received it. I very politely emailed the sender who was so pleased to hear from me because she'd had to change her email address and had lost my address and email details.
    I said I was concerned it had got lost in the post and she would think me ungrateful for not saying Thank You!

  7. I think I'd send an email saying that you are moving and you didn't want the package to get lost, and then inquire as to whether it was sent or not.

    Happy Birthday to you! Nice stashing, too. Yummy goodies you made also.


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