Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cross Stitcher Magazine Competition

Just a quick note today to mention that Cross Stitcher Magazine are giving away a free INTERNATIONAL subscription as part of their 20th anniversary giveaway week. I find their mag kind of hit and miss pattern wise, but given how expensive they are outside of the UK and how hard it is to get up to date issues (I know in New Zealand you can usually get copies 3 months after they come out in the UK for 3 times the price), I wouldn't say no to a years worth for free! Would you? You can enter here – it is open to UK residents as well. If you have a UK address you can also enter to win a heap of other stuff, including a copy of their Best of Margaret Sherry book, which seems to be becoming really hard to get hold of!

Hope you're all IHSWing happily away


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